June Artist of the Month Reception and Art Walk on June 1st!

Join us Friday June 1st for the Friday Night Art Walk and Exhibit Opening Reception for Suzanne Schmaltz, featured Artist of the Month for June.  

Local artists will start setting up their artwork on the Museum’s lawn at 4:00 p.m.  If you are interested in displaying and selling your artwork, call (928) 645-9496 or email director@powellmuseum.org

Stop by and see the incredible variety of work! 

An Exhibit Opening Reception for Suzanne Schmaltz, Artist of the Month for June, will be held at the Museum from 4:00 – 6:00 p.m. (MST) Suzanne will be present to answer questions about her unique style of artwork.

“The Final Honor”

The event is FREE to the public. Refreshments will be served. 

Suzanne Schmaltz, a resident of Greenehaven, Arizona, brings a fresh and original style to her two chosen mediums; beaded skulls and basket sculptures. Her current body of work is the result of a lifetime of exploration in numerous mediums with the culmination of combining many different materials into her finished pieces, creating truly extraordinary sculptures.

Suzanne brings a unique vision to both her basket sculptures and beaded skulls. Inspired by a lifetime in the western United States, it is easy to see the influence of the America’s Indians, and the abundance of nature…all brought together in her own voice and style.

Suzanne alternates her basket sculptures and beaded skulls so that her work stays fresh and energized.

Using the methods of the Huichol Indians in Mexico, thousands of tiny seed beads are hand placed into a specialized beading wax base on the skulls. She created her first beaded cow skull in 2000. There was an immediate and endearing connection with the art form.

Suzanne’s basket sculptures are very much influenced by her surroundings in northern Arizona and southern Utah. The colors, textures, elevations and natural elements all find their way into her work.

The possibilities with each new piece, whether in basketry or beading, are endless, and each new sculpture is a building block from the last. For Suzanne, there is comfort in the knowledge that the learning and exploration process is never ending.

Suzanne’s love of nature and its complex simplicity come to fruition in the finishing details of her work. Each element stands on its own but when viewed as a whole, her homage
becomes evident.


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