June Glen Canyon Lecture Series

Glen Canyon Lecture Series Presents

“Arizona: 100 Years Grand” by Lisa Schnebly Heidinger

Tuesday, June 12, 2012, 7:00 pm (Mountain Standard Time) at Carl Hayden Visitor Center at Glen Canyon Dam.

“Arizona: 100 Years Grand” is a geographical, historical, and cultural collection of our state’s best and brightest people, places and events during the first century of statehood. As the official book of the Arizona Centennial, this treasury celebrates our unique history, highlights our struggles and triumphs, presents our crown jewels, and leaves any reader dazzled by our state.

For Arizona residents who love our state, this is a retrospective of its greatest hits. From Gov. George W.P. Hunt walking to the statehood ceremonies to Gov. Rose Mofford greeting Mother Teresa, our political path is traced. Our social events – from the opening of the Arizona Inn to the centennial of El Tovar – live in these pages, along with Navajo Code Talkers, Hopi artist Fred Kabotie, thriving museums and treasured churches.

For newcomers and novices, “Arizona: 100 Years Grand” educates while it entertains…with tales of how the Chapel of the Holy Cross came to the red rocks of Sedona; what goes on behind the innocuous entrance to the Navajo Army Depot; who Sharlot Hall was before she became a profile on a museum sign.

Surprising anecdotes await even those who know our state well: about the manager of a drugstore on the Winslow “Standin’ On A” corner who always wore a hat; about Buckey O’Neill’s statue barely arriving at its own dedication; about a baseball game between a team of Tucsonans and Japanese-Americans — played a half-century later than planned.

“Arizona: 100 Years Grand” is a visual hymn to a colorful place like no other.

Lisa Schnebly Heidinger’s love of Arizona is as deep as her roots; the town of Sedona was named for her great-grandmother, Sedona Schnebly. For 30 years, Lisa has been a journalist, finding and recording Arizona’s stories, first as a newspaper and television reporter, then as a columnist and author. She has written six books about aspects of Arizona, and countless articles. Her work on “Arizona: 100 Years Grand” began six years ago. “Even the research was so much fun, it was the first time in my life I ever forgot to eat,” she says. Besides writing our state’s official centennial book, Lisa serves on the Arizona Historical Advisory Commission and the Arizona Centennial Commission, as well as the Centennial Foundation Board. She lives in Phoenix with her husband Tom, son Rye Schnebly, daughter Sedona Lee, and dog Leupp.


Admission is free. The Glen Canyon Lecture Series is sponsored by Glen Canyon Natural History Association, Powell Museum, and Page Public Library.

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