September Artist of the Month Reception

Join us Friday September 14th from 4:00- 6:00 p.m. for an

Artist of the Month Exhibit Opening Reception for Christopher K. Eaton.

The event is FREE and open to the public. Refreshments will be served.


Our atmosphere is alive with energy…tornadoes, hurricanes and cyclones, haboobs, volcanic eruptions, aurora borealis and aurora australis, derechos, monsoons, thunder and lightning… It literally swirls with energy in the form of the jet stream and trade winds… Our atmosphere is easily disturbed, bringing instability in many shapes and forms. Photographically speaking, the sky is most interesting when it is full of Atmospheric Disturbance.

Monsoon Season on the Colorado Plateau is a great example of this. From July through September, warm moist air is injected from the south into the atmosphere above the American Southwest. With it comes almost daily threats of thunderstorms, haboobs, and flash flooding.

Christopher K. Eaton is a photographer, writer, and filmmaker living on the Colorado Plateau where he works and plays on some of our nation’s most amazing public lands. Originally from Southern California, he has called Northern Arizona his home for more than seven years. Trained with a filmmaker’s eye, Christopher is always looking for the uncommon in his surroundings; whether it be the subtle play of light on small objects, hidden patterns in the landscape, or sweeping vistas off the beaten path, the Earth is filled with creative opportunities in every corner. Terra Photographica is the photographer’s life-long goal to capture both the grand scale and the intimate beauty of the landscape as well as document the human presence on it.


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