October Artist of the Month

October Artist of the Month – JOY DENNIS


Abiding Nature | Ephemeral Art: Combining those elements of nature that represent ageless durability with the fragility of modern stained glass

   “When I was a kid my pockets were almost always full of something I had picked up that day- interesting stones, a stray penny or two, and sea shells  if we were near a body of water.  My first fossil discovery (though Mr. Gannon, a neighbor and geologist, questioned my find) was cause for much celebration and it sat on my bookshelves throughout my childhood. I still have it tucked away in a box – my “I think it’s a fossil!”  I also keep jars of seashells I have found over the years, clearly a little out of place in a desert home. But the shells and the rocks remind me that I am a part of forever at this moment. It’s comforting to know.”

Joy Dennis was born and raised in the Midwest; formally educated in Theater Arts and Photography; informally educated by the miracle of her children and grandchildren and being lucky enough to travel around the globe. Glasswork is something new for her “old age” and she enjoys making fused and slumped pieces in the kiln as well as the occasional leaded piece as in this collection.

Abiding Nature | Ephemeral Art is an attempt to demonstrate the sense of waiting to be discovered while traveling through time and matter suspended in a delicate set of circumstances.

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