October Artist of the Month

October Artist of the Month – JIM O’HARA


Jim O’Hara received his Master of Arts from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. He served as the Director of Studies in Sculpture at California Institute of Art, and his career eventually brought him to northern Arizona, where he teaches visual arts for the College of Art at Northern Arizona University. Many of his sculptures can be enjoyed throughout Arizona including “Benchmark,” a brushed aluminum and steel sculpture,  located on the Northern Arizona University campus, as well as site sculptures in Tucson, Phoenix, and Chandler, Arizona.

In my work, I attempt to visually qualify various aspects of myself. I do so within the guise of non-threatening architectural settings and functional objects such as walls, windows, doors, chairs, tables and stairwells. These personality constructs, often with the addition of wave forms, take on a stage like quality; like a set waiting for actors to appear.  One may suddenly realize that the actors are in fact at hand and the performance is already in progress.  The materials in my sculpture, aluminum, bronze, glass, stone, and neon, create types of visual dynamics which enhance this enigma.  They are at one time sympathetic and stressful upon one another; hard and soft, opaque but transparent, open yet veiled.


“Impressions of the Colorado Plateau,” a collection of glass work sculptures inspired by areas visited by artist Jim O’Hara  will be on display at the Powell Museum during the month of October.


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