August 2016 Artist of the Month/Greg Brush

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August 2016 Artist of the Month

Greg Brush

Please join us in welcoming our newest Artist of the Month – Greg Brush! His work will be on exhibit beginning Friday August 5th and run through the end of the month at the Powell Museum, 6 N. Lake Powell Blvd. in Page, AZ  For more information, please call us at 928-645-9496.


Greg Brush has been trying to get lost since moving to Arizona in 1984. Since then, he has spent every spare minute exploring the Southwest’s outback. Afflicted with chronic wanderlust, Greg has attempted to avoid urban situations whenever possible.

Starting as a photographer in the 1980s, he progressed to digital photography when the technology began to rival traditional film. Greg utilizes a variety of techniques and equipment to create unique images. Time lapse photography is one of his favorite approaches. Some night photographs are a composite of up to 800 individual images compressed into a single frame.

Greg’s photography has been published in a variety of media including magazines, newspapers, calendars, greeting cards, and numerous advertisements.  On occasion, some photographs have been the subject of paintings by fellow Southwest artists.  A shameless self-promoter and philanthropist, Greg has selflessly donated his photography (in the form of wallpaper) for multitudes of nameless computer users.

When not exploring the white areas of cellphone coverage maps, he reluctantly ventures into town for paychecks and supplies.

Greg Brush

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