December Artist of the Month

December Artist of the Month – CYNTHIA ADAMS


Cynthia Adams, Fiber Artist, was born in Prescott, Arizona and spent much of her childhood along the rim of the Grand Canyon. She currently lives along the Arizona-Utah border where she wanders the deserts and canyons for artistic inspiration. She enjoys a busy life as a Park Ranger for Glen Canyon National Recreation Area, and spends her free time in the outdoors and creating her artwork. Cynthia Adams’ artwork will be on display at the Powell Museum for the month of December.

See more of Cynthia Adam’s work at: 

 Join us Tuesday December 18th from 4:00 – 7:00 p.m. for an Exhibit Opening Reception. The event is FREE and open to the public. Refreshments will be served. We will also be hosting a Holiday Open House in the Museum Store. 



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November Glen Canyon Lecture Series

Glen Canyon Lecture Series Presents 

Big Water, Little Boats: Moulty Fulmer and the First Grand Canyon Dory on the last of the Wild Colorado River” by Tom Martin

Monday November 5th, 2012, 7:00 pm (Mountain Standard Time) at Carl Hayden Visitor Center at Glen Canyon Dam.

     Moulty Fulmar was bitten by the river running bug during a San Juan River trip in 1942. After a chance meeting with a McKenzie River dory builder, Fulmar constructed his first dory and rowed the San Juan in 1947. Traveling through Grand Canyon in 1948 on a Norm Nevills expedition, Fulmar met Colorado River historian Dock Martin and they went on to run rivers together and correspond for the next thirty years. Fulmar built his second dory, the Gem, specifically for big water. Joining forces with Pat Reilly in 1954, they ran the Grand Canyon five times in home-built boats. Their adventures included rowing the wild Colorado River in 1957 on 125,000 cubic feet per second, one of the highest flows in the last century. Using historic photos, river logs, letters and interviews, author Tom Martin recounts the voyages of a number of unsung river runners during the transformation from Grand Canyon expeditionary river running into today’s whitewater recreation. Big Water Little Boats chronicles the start of the park’s river running permit system in 1955, the construction of Glen Canyon Dam, and the explosion of river running that occurred after the completion of the dam in 1963.
     This 45-minute program features original photographs from various Grand Canyon River trips from the 1940s through 1960s, including Boulder Narrows at 126,000 cubic feet per second in 1957. The presentation tells how Fulmer happened upon the McKenzie River hull design of today’s Pacific Northwest boats, and how he used that design to build his boat the Gem, Grand Canyon’s first decked dory. Martin will also touch on the building of a full-sized replica of the Gem and taking the replica through the Grand Canyon. He will show photo re-matching of original pictures from the 1940’s and 1950’s river trips. The program will be followed by a book signing.
     Author of the award winning Guide to the Colorado River in Grand Canyon and Day Hikes from the River, Tom Martin has hiked the backcountry and run the Colorado River in Grand Canyon for much of his life. He recently built a replica of the first Grand Canyon dory, the GEM, based on the wreck of the original boat and the journals, photos and notes of Moulty Fulmar, Dock Marston, Pat Reilly and their friends. He has now run the GEM through the Grand Canyon four times and has only flipped it a couple of times.
Admission is free. The Glen Canyon Lecture Series is sponsored by Glen Canyon Natural History Association, Powell Museum, and Page Public Library.
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November Artist of the Month

November Artist of the Month – FRANK TALBOTT

Frank Talbott Photography | FAVORITES

Frank Talbott began his career in photography in the U.S. Navy. He attended Navy Photo School at Pensacola, Florida and spent three years on board two ships working as a photographer. After the Navy he attended Glendale College where he met his wife Pat. After college he and Pat lived in Venice, California and worked as an assistant in a photo studio. He started his own studio in 1970, and after thirty years in California, Frank and Pat moved to Greenehaven, Arizona to retire. Frank now does digital photography for web sites and enjoys working on the Colorado River as guide for the float trip through Glen Canyon. He also teaches a class in beginning digital photography at Coconino Community College. Frank’s work will be on display at the Powell Museum during the month of November.

See more of Frank Talbott’s work at:

Join us Friday November 2nd from 4:00 – 6:00 p.m. for an Exhibit Opening Reception. The event is FREE and open to the public. Refreshments will be served. 





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Powell Museum 35th Annual Auction Dinner Tickets Available!

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Steve Ward Memorial Fund to be set up at Museum

Steve Ward Memorial Fund & Internship Program

The Steve Ward Memorial Fund was established to celebrate the life and accomplishments of Steve Ward, long-time Page, Arizona resident, historian, and former Powell Museum board member. The fund will promote the continuing history of Page, Arizona through the collection, preservation, and interpretation of related artifacts, archives and information held at the Powell Museum, specifically through a newly created internship program.

The Powell Museum will offer a paid internship for a college student interested in pursuing a career in history, art, science or tourism related fields. The goal of the internship is to offer students practical experience in a public museum setting. The intern will be selected through an application process and will be enrolled, or a recent graduate of, an accredited two or four-year college or university.

The first memorial internship will be offered in the Collections Management department at the Museum in 2013. Steve Ward was a close friend and business partner of Stan Jones, locally known as “Mr. Lake Powell,” who donated a large collection of his personal photographs to the Museum relating to his life work exploring and documenting the Page-Lake Powell area. Steve Ward and Stan Jones produced the Boating and Exploring Lake Powell Map and Guide to the Glen Canyon National Recreation Area, a result of over three decades of combined exploration and research of the Lake Powell area.The intern will work closely with Powell Museum archival staff to assist with the organization of the collection, as well as data entry into the Museum’s searchable database, digitizing, and rehousing the images into archival storage containers. The collection will eventually be accessible to the public in an online exhibit through the Arizona Memory Project, as well as used in educational exhibits and outreach programming.

Steve Ward & Stan Jones: Boating and Exploring Lake Powell Map.

Donations can be made to the Powell Museum Steve Ward Memorial Fund: P. O. Box 547 Page, Arizona 86040. Contact the Museum at (928) 645-9496 or for more information.

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October Artist of the Month

October Artist of the Month – JOY DENNIS


Abiding Nature | Ephemeral Art: Combining those elements of nature that represent ageless durability with the fragility of modern stained glass

   “When I was a kid my pockets were almost always full of something I had picked up that day- interesting stones, a stray penny or two, and sea shells  if we were near a body of water.  My first fossil discovery (though Mr. Gannon, a neighbor and geologist, questioned my find) was cause for much celebration and it sat on my bookshelves throughout my childhood. I still have it tucked away in a box – my “I think it’s a fossil!”  I also keep jars of seashells I have found over the years, clearly a little out of place in a desert home. But the shells and the rocks remind me that I am a part of forever at this moment. It’s comforting to know.”

Joy Dennis was born and raised in the Midwest; formally educated in Theater Arts and Photography; informally educated by the miracle of her children and grandchildren and being lucky enough to travel around the globe. Glasswork is something new for her “old age” and she enjoys making fused and slumped pieces in the kiln as well as the occasional leaded piece as in this collection.

Abiding Nature | Ephemeral Art is an attempt to demonstrate the sense of waiting to be discovered while traveling through time and matter suspended in a delicate set of circumstances.

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Yard Sale! October 13th at the Museum


Set up 7:00 a.m. @ the Powell Museum 

Spaces are available at $10.00 per space.

Bring your items to sell yourself, or donate items for the Museum to sell!

 Call Viki at (928) 353-2188 for more information.

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September Artist of the Month Reception

Join us Friday September 14th from 4:00- 6:00 p.m. for an

Artist of the Month Exhibit Opening Reception for Christopher K. Eaton.

The event is FREE and open to the public. Refreshments will be served.


Our atmosphere is alive with energy…tornadoes, hurricanes and cyclones, haboobs, volcanic eruptions, aurora borealis and aurora australis, derechos, monsoons, thunder and lightning… It literally swirls with energy in the form of the jet stream and trade winds… Our atmosphere is easily disturbed, bringing instability in many shapes and forms. Photographically speaking, the sky is most interesting when it is full of Atmospheric Disturbance.

Monsoon Season on the Colorado Plateau is a great example of this. From July through September, warm moist air is injected from the south into the atmosphere above the American Southwest. With it comes almost daily threats of thunderstorms, haboobs, and flash flooding.

Christopher K. Eaton is a photographer, writer, and filmmaker living on the Colorado Plateau where he works and plays on some of our nation’s most amazing public lands. Originally from Southern California, he has called Northern Arizona his home for more than seven years. Trained with a filmmaker’s eye, Christopher is always looking for the uncommon in his surroundings; whether it be the subtle play of light on small objects, hidden patterns in the landscape, or sweeping vistas off the beaten path, the Earth is filled with creative opportunities in every corner. Terra Photographica is the photographer’s life-long goal to capture both the grand scale and the intimate beauty of the landscape as well as document the human presence on it.


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September Glen Canyon Lecture Series

Glen Canyon Lecture Series Presents TWO Lectures for September 2012:

A Great Aridness: Climate Change and the Future of the American Southwest” by William deBuys

Wednesday September 19, 2012, 7:00 pm (Mountain Standard Time) at Carl Hayden Visitor Center at Glen Canyon Dam.

In A Great Aridness, William deBuys paints a compelling picture of what the Southwest might look like when the heat turns up and the water runs out. This semi-arid land, vulnerable to water shortages, rising temperatures, wildfires, and a host of other environmental challenges, is poised to bear the heaviest consequences of global environmental change in the United States. Examining interrelated factors such as vanishing wildlife, forest die backs, and the over-allocation of the already stressed Colorado River-upon which nearly 30 million people depend–the author narrates the landscape’s history-and future. He tells the inspiring stories of the climatologists and others who are helping untangle the complex, interlocking causes and effects of global warming. And while the fate of this region may seem at first blush to be of merely local interest, what happens in the Southwest, deBuys suggests, will provide a glimpse of what other mid-latitude arid lands worldwide–the Mediterranean Basin, southern Africa, and the Middle East–will experience in the coming years.

Writer and conservationist William deBuys is the author of seven books, which range from memoir and biography to environmental history and studies of place. A native of Maryland, he attended the University of North Carolina, where he was graduated with highest honors in 1972. Soon afterwards, the writer and social critic Robert Coles brought him to New Mexico as a research assistant, initiating deBuys’s deep relationship with the cultures and landscapes of the Southwest. DeBuys’s books include Enchantment and Exploitation: The Life and Hard Times of a New Mexico Mountain Range, which won a Southwest Book Award; River of Traps, which was recognized as a New York Times Notable Book of the Year and was one of three finalists for the Pulitzer Prize in General Non-Fiction in 1991; Salt Dreams: Land and Water in Low-Down California, which won the Western States Book Award and several other prizes; and Seeing Things Whole: the Essential John Wesley Powell. DeBuys’s shorter work has appeared in Orion, The New York Times Book Review, and High Country News.

“Finding Everett Ruess” by David Roberts

Wednesday September 26, 2012, 7:00 pm (Mountain Standard Time) at Carl Hayden Visitor Center at Glen Canyon Dam.

Finding Everett Ruess is the definitive biography of the artist, writer, and eloquent celebrator of the wilderness whose bold solo explorations of the American West and mysterious disappearance in the Utah desert at age 20 have earned him a large and devoted cult following. More than 75 years after his vanishing, Ruess stirs the kinds of passion and speculation accorded such legendary doomed American adventurers as Into the Wild’s Chris McCandless and Amelia Earhart. Wandering alone with burros and pack horses through California and the Southwest for five years in the early 1930s, on voyages lasting as long as ten months, Ruess also became friends with photographers Edward Weston and Dorothea Lange, swapped prints with Ansel Adams, took part in a Hopi ceremony, learned to speak Navajo, and was among the first “outsiders” to venture deeply into what was then (and to some extent still is) largely a little-known wilderness. In this definitive account of Ruess’s extraordinary life and the enigma of his vanishing, David Roberts eloquently captures Ruess’s tragic genius and ongoing fascination.

David Roberts is the author of twenty books on mountaineering, adventure, and history including In Search of the Old Ones, Pueblo Revolt, and A Newer World: Kit Carson John C Fremont And The Claiming Of The American West. He has written for National Geographic, National Geographic Adventure, and Smithsonian. He lives in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

Admission is free. The Glen Canyon Lecture Series is sponsored by Glen Canyon Natural History Association, Powell Museum, and Page Public Library.


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August Artist of the Month Reception

Join us Friday August 17th for the Friday Night Art Walk and Artist of the Month Exhibit Reception for Kyran Keisling. The event is free and open to the public. Enjoy live music, art and refreshments!

Kyran Keisling

Photographer, Musician & Guide

Kyran was born and raised in Page, Arizona just a few short moments from the shores of Lake Powell.   From his many adventures in the canyonlands of northern Arizona and throughout the western United States, he has developed a deep appreciation for his natural surroundings. This appreciation has led him to use natural materials such as wood and rock to create the frames for his photographs.   Kyran is a true jack of all trades with special talent in music, drawing, outdoor adventure, and professional photography.

As a guide on the Colorado River for many years, Kyran is experienced in capturing moments of extreme adventure, distinctive landscapes, and unique wildlife images.  Kyran’s photography is distinguished by his participatory adventure shots, especially in the rock climbing community. His combined experience in outdoor adventure and guiding has also enhanced his style of in portraiture and documentary photography.

Kyran currently teaches photography full time for the Page Unified School District and is the head coach of the High School wrestling team. He also writes and performs his own original music, and owns/manages This Side of That Guide Service on Lake Powell.

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